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Designing and building great porches in the Ottawa area since 1981



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Porch rebuild
REbuilt porch

    We take your ideas and requirements, including the site characteristics and existing structures and produce a presentation drawing and quote at no charge. We like designing and building work that is difficult or unusual.Porches can be among the trickiest things to build. Attachment to the existing structure is often a tricky thing. 

   Once a contract has been signed , we produce working drawings, obtain permits,  and  all required inspections.

Build - add a porch

   We do all required demolition , excavation, construction and cleanup. We like paying attention to detail. We don't cut corners.

   All of our work has a 5 year warranty. 

What does it take to add a porch? 


   Porches  have a natural life of about 100 years, if the roof has remained in good condition. If the roof has leaked, anything can happen. Uncovered stairs usually last about 25 years.

   Once it is necessary, they can be rebuilt in a similar configuration, using modern standards, sometimes using the existing footings. It can also be a good time to rethink the design. 

What does it take to rebuild a porch? 


Below are galleries of some of the jobs we have done. Clicking on any of the pictures leads to examples of the type of work mentioned

Misc. Porches

About Us 

    Summerstone is a small family-run construction business. We've been in business since 1981. Summer Porch Ottawa is our porch specialty website. Our main older website is We also have It describes the work we do building decks, which includes some very ambitious ones. 


   We do porches, including heritage and replacement porches, additions such as 3 season rooms, screened porches and sunrooms. We have done a lot of natural stone work, mostly flagstone and stone walls. We've built a couple of stone bridges at golf courses. We  like doing unusual or difficult work.We don't cut corners.

   We're  happy to help clients come up with a suitable design for their place , but  have absolutely no "designer agenda". We are not going to jam the same deck that we have built 50 times before into your backyard. 


   I often work on the jobsite. My daughter , Clara usually  works  as well. Usually we have a few  other employees. Occasionally, I also have other people helping out, electricians or students.

I often have had people telling me that , with the quality of our work, we could be a much larger company, but the satisfaction is in actually building well-made things, not supervising a lot of people. When I have allowed the business to grow to 8 or 10 employees, it just resulted in frustration and speeding tickets.

---The pictures on this page are of us on jobs, me and some of the people who have worked with us over the years.

Ninja for Hire

PORCH Projects



For any inquiries or questions, please call:613-286-9908 or fill out the following form.

Please describe the work you are considering. If you have a preference for how we contact you, please mention it.

Get a quote:613-286-9908

Tel: 613-286-9908

13715 Connaught Road

Chesterville, ON, K0C 1H0

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To apply for a job with Summerstone , please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

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