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Large Porch w/Balcony Rebuild

We rebuilt this large porch with balcony in 2011.It was about 100 years old and in poor condition. Temporary supports were in place to shore up the roof, which had separated from the wall somewhat. The stairs had been replaced, perhaps more than once before. That replacement had been done without regard to the style of the porch.  It took a couple of days to demolish the old porch. 

The new porch was built in the size and style of the old porch, but according to the current building code, which meant that it was quite a bit heavier structurally and required some changes to details such as railings.   The new stairs were designed to match the porch in style.The client wanted to paint the porch himself, but didn't have time to get to it right away, so we primed it so that it could wait a while. He painted it eventually. 

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